Meet the Xec Board: Lydia Banks

Lydia Banks,
Director of Business Development

Living in the moment, but taking care of business

I’m a native of Topeka, KS and I graduated from Florida A&M University (FAMU) where I earned my bachelors and MBA with a concentration in Marketing. Although I will always be a Kansas Girl at heart and of course a loyal Rattler, Milwaukee is home for me because of the lasting connections that I’ve made and friends that have turned into family. That’s the best thing about Milwaukee, meeting great people and building lasting relationships. Social X allows me to craft a strategy to provide an outlet for the YUPs in the city. It’s about more than just a party… it’s about creating an experience. As an avid traveler I’m always thinking “How could we bring this or that to Milwaukee?” or “How could we create that here?”  I can honestly say once I stepped outside my comfort zone I was truly able to experience what this great city has to offer. I want YUPs to feel the same way. They need to feel like they are part of the city they live in…like they belong. Social X is all about connecting people to each other AND the city.

It’s my belief that the more we’re able to make genuine connections with people the closer we become towards realizing our goals and aspirations. One key conversation at a networking event could be just what you needed to put your business plans in order. A smile across the room can turn into a first date that ends up becoming a lasting marriage. The most rewarding aspect of Social X for me, is seeing these connections come to fruition thanks to the platforms that we provide.

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