Meet the Xec Board: Nyerere Davidson


Nyerere Davidson,
President & Co-founder

Socially-savvy PR aficionado taking on the Nation’s Capitol

As a Brew City native, I always knew that Milwaukee had the potential to become something greater. After graduating from the Florida A&M University (I bleed orange and green!) where I studied Public Relations, I knew that the opportunity to jumpstart career was back in Milwaukee.

Upon graduation I found myself seeking employment in dead-heat of the recession, but quickly began work as a marketing communications practitioner. After working several years in Milwaukee, I relocated to Washington, D.C. where I still flourish in the marketing communications field.

Social X came to me as a random idea that wasn’t expected to turn into the beautiful monster that it is today and thank God it did. Social X is changing the way young, minority professionals, both native and transplants, are viewing the city – it’s making them fall in love with Milwaukee. If only Social X was here upon my return to the city, but better later than never, right? Though I journey home often to see how my baby (Social X) is doing, I love to see the way Social X is inspiring, uniting and engaging millennials in the city. It’s truly amazing to witness.

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