Meet the Xec Board: Ranell Washington


Ranell Washington,
Director of Operations & Finance & Co-founder

Big smile, even bigger heart

I was born and raised in the great city of Milwaukee, and graduated from “thee” University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (GO PANTHERS)! Milwaukee is home because it has big city amenities and a short 20 minute commute to almost everywhere in the metro area.  Our sports scene is one of the best in the USA (GO Bucks/Brewers/Packers), and our restaurants are quietly second to none.


Social X is my outlet to connect new and old residents to the best places, restaurants, and happenings in the city, and it is one of my God-given abilities. Through me and my colleagues’ efforts we’re making Milwaukee a choice for YUPs (young urban professionals) to live, play and work.  I want Milwaukee to be known as a destination for YUPs to consider in the likes of Chicago, ATL, DC, and NY, and over time with growth and buy-in from other entities, that will be the future for Milwaukee.

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