“Social X is exactly what Milwaukee needs more of. As a native I often feel like it can be very challenging to meet new people. Especially young urban professionals, Social X has been a great networking tool for me to meet many other like minded individuals who are still looking to enjoy many of the beautiful amenities Milwaukee has to offer. Social X not only encourages professional development but also has done a great job of providing an outlet for professionals to enjoy a safe yet fun experience in Milwaukee. On a personal level I’ve cultivated many new relationships based on my very limited experience and its been great for me. I can’t thank the organization enough for provided me with a new way to meet people in a place where it often feels like I already know everyone.”

-John Ajagu, Milwaukee native

Social X was my first introduction to Milwaukee and the urban professional scene in the city. Through some of the events hosted by Social X, I learned about some cool spots in the city I wouldn’t have ordinarily visited such as the Lynden Sculpture Garden. Having a group like Social X to provide purposeful networking and social opportunities for people of color, helped me to not only enjoy my time while living there, but also sparked the relationships which lead to my own business venture, ‘Civilized Savages Podcast”. Though no longer present in Milwaukee, Social X truly opened doors to life-long friendships, I still return to Milwaukee a few times a year to support their events!”

-Corvah, Liberian transplant

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