Social X is a major hub for the Urban Professionals that make up our fair city

The  mission of Social X is achieved when Millennial professionals choose Milwaukee as their landing pad to love, grow, and socialize above all other cities.  For us to make our mission a reality, we have diverse partnerships for diverse people.

  • Do you want us to showcase your organization’s mission through our social channels?
  • Do you own a local business where we could host an event in the future?
  • Do you have an employee base you would like us to activate in the community?

Tell  Us!  We are excited to find the greatest way for us to work together to increase Milwaukee’s attractiveness.



Social X collaborates with many community-centric organizations in order to enhance the social landscape of Milwaukee’s young, diverse professionals. From socially-conscious poetry Xperiences to holiday toy drives, nothing is off limits. If you are a 501(c)(3) organization interested in working with us, please contact Crystal Morgan, Director of Strategic Partnerships.


Local Business

It is a part of our mission to ‘expose the city’s hidden gems’ to our Xers and your local business could definitely be that. Social X is an advocate for  local businesses and cultivates relationships   with our Milwaukeean neighbors.If you are a local business interested in hosting any of our Xperiences or wanting to partner with us for an Xperience that will enlighten the city’s young professionals, contact Ranell Washington  or Nye Davidson.



We’ve found that keeping young, diverse talent engaged in the city happens outside of the workplace. We are the gambit for corporations and organizations to retain, recruit and rouse young talent by creating value in what the city has to offer. Social X has several programs and initiatives set to keep young, thriving talent within the city limits. We work with corporations to submerse them into current programming or even conjure up new, innovative ways to engage their diverse YPs. Let us work with you to make sure your retention and recruiting efforts are truly effective. For more information, contact Lydia Smith, Director of Business Development.

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